Concrete Overlay Systems is a local company serving all of Alberta. We take pride in what we do and all work performed is done fast & efficiently with the customer’s best interests in mind. We do not take short cuts as we want your Protective Concrete Coating to do the job it was intended for. We do it right the first time because we believe word of mouth referrals are more important than fancy pictures on a website.

Concrete Overlay Systems

Residential – Commercial – Industrial
Protective Concrete Coatings

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Why Choose Us

At Concrete Overlay Systems we believe that no single product can be used for every Protective Concrete Coating application. We will offer Solutions as well as Options depending on your particular needs & budgets.

We can show you why our Protective Concrete Coating Systems will stand up longer than our competitors.

Our intention is to do every job to the extent it will stand up in court and walk away from the ones we can’t.

For this reason, we are Trained & Certified Installers for multiple Quality Protective Concrete Coating Product Manufactures such as: